Aerosol Store - 6 Can

Model Number: 6280
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When not stored appropriately and compliantly, aerosol cans have the ability to create havoc. Subject to theft and misuse, they are also potentially flammable and explosive. On top of all that, cans need to be protected from damage or impact that could cause leaking or explosions!

Suited to smaller workshops, this Hazero aerosol cabinet provides safety, and security. New Zealand designed and fabricated it combines down-to-earth value with durability, and strength. And, it can be locked, and bolted to a bench – for extra peace of mind.

Remember: Always locate cabinets at least 3 metres from heat sources.


• New Zealand designed and fabricated
• Projectile protection keeps people and property safe
• Side wall perforation supports ventilation requirements
• Fit-for-purpose design makes compliance easy
• Lockable to discourage theft or misuse
• Option of hinging doors left or right to suit the space
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