Aerosol Store - 70 Can

Model Number: 6283
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• Supplied with Class 2 decals
• Complies with the design requirements of AS4332-2004.
• Weight: 14kgs
• External dimensions: 730 x 453 x 275mm (h,w,d)


Tagging and graffiti are just the start of what can go wrong when aerosol cans aren’t stored securely and safely. And theft of any kind of aerosol leaves businesses out of pocket, while repeated break-ins mean insurance policies go up!

This Hazero Aerosol store solves these, and safety and compliance issues too. (No one wants their business shut down til they get things sorted.) It’s purpose-designed and fabricated in New Zealand and is a response to feedback from our resellers (and their customers’ demands for a size that fits their needs).

A removable shelf allows for tall and conventional cans to be safely contained in the same space. Remember: Class 2.1 dangerous goods must be stored separately from Class 3 (flammable liquids). Always.


• New Zealand designed and fabricated
• Projectile protection keeps people and property safe
• Side wall perforation supports ventilation requirements
• 1 removable shelf (plus base)
• Practical design encourages compliance
• Lockable to discourage theft or misuse
• Option of hinging doors left or right to suit the space
• Adjustable feet to keep everything stable
Hazero Shield of Honour

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