Anti-fatigue Mats


1. What Are Anti Fatigue Floor Mats?

These mats are specially fabricated to offer a gamut of health advantages to people who use them. The primarily created for people who stand for long periods of time on a consistent basis such as employees in processing lines, factory workers and just to mention a few. From receptionists to bartenders, to hairdressers and also the obvious industrial and factory jobs, these mats will provide the best health solution in a time of need. Employers should concern and touched when a worker is standing on a hard floor for longer than forty minutes. The blood will start to constrict after this time which can lead to cramps along with a plethora of other stressful occurrences. If you are looking for the best way to combat the pain and stress attached with long-standing jobs, anti-fatigue mats remain the perfect solution.


2. What Are The Anti Fatigue Floor Mats Made Of?

The materials used in designing anti-fatigue mats are dependent on the usage and the place where it resides. There will be ergonomic wonders when matching the material to the environment of these mats. With this simple phenomenon, the materials used in the design of anti-stress mats are highly categorized. Foam anti-fatigue mat is one of the comprehensive categories to deal with in this paragraph. The category is the most common type of anti-stress mats for home use. They are usually between one-quarter inch and three-quarter inch thick. They provide both moderate anti-fatigue feature and support.

In most cases, these categories of mats are designed with denser foam rather than cushy material. Nevertheless, a thin cushy mat will create a great impact when standing on concrete or porcelain tile. If the mat will be used in any source of water such as shower or sink ensure it is anti-slip. These mats can be embossed and printed and will provide a variety of aesthetic alternatives.


3. Why Use Anti Fatigue Floor Mats?

An ergonomic mat is worth your investment when it comes to workplace flooring. Flooring, where employees stand for prolonged periods can lead to several health disadvantages. These mats are excellent products designed to help enhance the well-being of employees who stand for the majority of their working hours.The truth is that ergonomic mats are simply not a fad. They have a lot of benefits within the work environment. You are risking potential health issues without the use of these ergonomic mats to your workplace or yourself. Your body will become fatigued after standing for more than forty minutes and this is a short-term impact.

Fatigue or stress will eventually cause a lack of concentration. This is the last thing you will ever want to occur in your workplace. The lack of concentration reduces productivity. For instance, when a worker is operating heavy-duty machinery and lacks focus, it can lead to disastrous negations. Short-term problems are as well back pain, swelling of joints and bad posture. Poor blood circulation and varicose vein issues are long-term results of standing for prolonged periods. Ergonomic mats remain a great solution to boost concentration and reduce health risks. There is a gamut of anti fatigue mats and each of them functions for different applications. Ergonomic mats used at home are designed of memory foam or gel and can be purchased on the high street.


4. When To Use Anti Fatigue Floor Mats?

Without any plagiarism of facts, ergonomic mats should be used if you plan to stand for more than forty minutes while working. If you are engaged in a standing job that lasts for several hours, it is recommended to purchase an anti fatigue floor mat. For people who often experience frequent joint pain or lower back complications, ergonomic mats will help to resolve the problem quickly. In a nutshell, if you are planning to perform an activity while standing for longer periods of time, it is expedient to make use of an ergonomic mat. It is environmentally friendly and will help you overcome dangerous or severe health complications.


5. How Do Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Work?

When you stand for periods of time on hard floor platforms it can cause to physical fatigue and remains uncomfortable. Your leg muscles will become constricted and totally static as they work for a long time to keep you in an upright position. When this occurs, blood circulation will be highly minimized causing discomfort and pain. In this condition, your heart will be coerced to function harder to pump blood through the static areas.

In fact, your body will run out of energy in the entire process of standing for a long period of time on hard floor surfaces. When you stand on an ergonomic mat, your muscles will subtly expand and contract as you adjust to the flexibility of the mat. The muscle motion will help to boost the amount of oxygen reaching the heart and as well increase blood-flow. Nevertheless, you will discover that stress is highly minimized. This is exactly how ergonomic mats work for people using them. These mats are designed from a plethora of materials. The primary materials are closed cell PVC, nitrile, and rubber.

Anti fatigue mats are fabricated in a way that enforces your body to make frequent adjustments. It will help enhance weight distribution and blood supply. The weight distribution will help get rid of the amount of swelling and relieve the joints that may be caused by standing for longer periods without any support.

The simple mechanism of operation with an ergonomic mat is cascaded on blood flow and supply. It affected the heart and the blood pumping system of the user. If these mats are not used in a time of need, you may end up spend thousands of dollars on your health condition. On this note, you should play safe and maintain your well-being by making use of anti fatigue floor mats, time and again.


6. How Long Do Anti Fatigue Floor Mats Last?/How Often Should Anti Fatigue Mats Be Replaced?

The lifespan of ergonomic mats can vary dramatically depending on a couple of factors. It can be found in the amount of foot traffic, the number of shifts per day, caustic fluids or chemicals, exposure to oils, excessive temperatures, maintenance schedule, cleaning, and compound.

Most ergonomic mats are designed to last over a period of one year or more. Since much maintenance may not be required, you can use your anti fatigue mat for several years with a guarantee. Another important thing to know is that the durability of ergonomic mats comes along with the material used during production. Floor mats designed from closed cell PVC may last longer than other products on the market if properly used.

Some people may be confused when it comes to replacing their ergonomic mats. Well, replacing these mats should not cause any problem. Immediately you notice that the primary purpose of purchasing the floor mat is not met, it is time to make a replacement. It implies that is you are unable to change the mat at its due date, then be prepared to experience some difficult times.

To play safe, it is an excellent idea to replace ergonomic mats when they can no longer offer the benefits for which they are purchased. It will help you maintain your health condition subtly and as well save money in the long run. In fact, when the mat starts showing any sign of reduced performance, you can quickly make a change. PVC sponge’s modes can last for 6-12 months. Molded vinyl floor mats can last for 1-3 years. SpongeCote ergonomic mats can last for about 3-5 years. Urethane mats are the best and can last for five years or more.


7. How To Clean Anti Fatigue Floor Mat?

Ergonomic mats should get planning cleaning for better results. Since they are easily maintained, you will not need tons of dollars to clean your mats. To keep your mats functioning effectively and looking great there are certain instructions to follow. Just in the same way you maintain your carpet, these mats can as well be maintained and cleaned equally. You can shampoo them when dirt piles up and apply vacuuming.

PVC Floor And Molded Safety Mats: Use a high-pressure host for drainage mat or wet area. Apply hot water to get rid of oils from the mats. These oils can cause slip hazards. Use a mild detergent or soap with a pH between 4-9 for better results. Do not make use of degreasers, steam or caustic chemicals. Do not mechanically scrubs or machine wash your mats.

PVC Sponge, SpongeCote And Urethane Mats: Dry-mop the surface or sweep dry area frequently. You can wet mop with mild detergent or soap. Make use of a detergent with 4-9 pH value for better results.

Runner Floor Mats: You can simply vacuum or sweep the surface with a broom.

Ergonomic ESD Mats: It is crucial to dry-mop or sweep the surface frequently when cleaning ESD floor mats. You can wipe off or wet-mop with a static control solution or mild soap that will not leave any residue on the ESD mats. It will enable your mat to function effectively.

Entrance And Carpet Mats: Users can easily take them outside the house and shake properly to get rid of excess debris and dirt. If the condition is tough, you can make use of a hose to wash the dirt off. Before bringing in the mats into the room, ensure that they are dry. It will help get rid of any odor that you may perceive while using the mat.


8. How To Choose Anti Fatigue Floor Mat?

When it comes to selecting an ergonomic floor mat some people often get it wrong. The below tips should be kept in mind:

  • You should always take the size of the mat into consideration before buying one.
  • The type of work that the mat will perform is another great question to ask.
  • Remember that the lifespan or longevity of the mat will help you save money. On this note, it is an excellent idea to check the lifespan of the product.
  • Availability and portability should not be left out of the equation when planning to buy an ergonomic floor mat.
  • Being subjected to any wheeled carts will help you make the best decision on the type of anti fatigue floor mats to purchase.
  • Make a quick decision if the mat will be used for the preparation of your food area.
  • The maintenance and cleaning factors will also play a great role when searching for the right ergonomic floor mats.
  • Above all, do not break the bank because you want to buy an anti fatigue mat.


9. Where Can I Buy Anti Fatigue Floor Mats?

We stock a large range of industrial matting for your workplace. If you are looking for anything from anti-fatigue matting to entrance matting we can help. You can find our range of products here or give us a call on 09 275 5580


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