With the rise in Health & Safety in New Zealand today it is important to stay up to date with the latest news and technologies to keep up to date with legeslative changes and keepign up to date.

There are many Health & Safety apps on the market today so we have narrowed it down to help you out. 




SAFELY is a powerful Safety Management App, customised to Kiwi industries. Our software helps ensure every area of your business is compliant with health and safety legislation and industry best practice.

Starting at $50+gst per month


1. Create meetings and record who attended, what was discussed and set alerts to ensure actions are completed on time.​
2. Identify the most serious hazards and measure the risk making them easy to correctly manage and review.
3. Upload and manage your company records, including insurance, consents and permits. Easily track expiry dates.​




People Safe 

Use the PeopleSafe Health and Safety Policy to make your commitment to following our simple processes to find and manage your risks. Your team can download the mobile app and start having conversations and communicating safety events today. 

$50+gst per month


1. Easily record Safety Stories that happen to staff
2. Simply record the decisions you make about those stories
3. Communicate changes or updates quickly without paper



Home safe

Get Home Safe provides welcome reassurance during any activity where you feel vulnerable about your personal safety. Get Home Safe will check up on you throughout your chosen activity, to make sure you have got home safely!

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1. Will proactively alert you if one of your lone workers is potentially in need of assistance

2. Has enough information on hand to make a quick, informed and measured decision about what steps to take next

3. Is simple, quick, easy for everybody to use






The system is available for free to all Small to Medium sized businesses in New Zealand. The app allows users to report the key safety messages to their company, Incidents, Near Misses, Good Practice and Suggestions in real time!



1. The system makes your workers more efficient, not just in the field, but in understanding the real safety issues in your business
2. Reports Incidents,Near Miss,Good Practice and Suggestionsdirect from thier phone or tablet.
3. Shows the reports in a Map viewer, Interprets the reports in Charts and lets you access reports in Real time




Blerter Core enables and empowers your wider workforce (including contractors) to take a proactive role in health and safety while giving health and safety managers more control, faster ways of communication and a simple way to capture and monitor all health and safety activities.

The result is a more engaged and more productive workforce.

Starting at $5 per user


1. Ensure everyone always has the latest, most up-to-date health & safety information.
2. Identify potential risks and near misses before incidents happen. 
3. Include all your contractors in your health & safety efforts to ensure you meet your duty of care




st johns 

The St John NZ CPR mobile app teaches the life saving skills of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR. This life-saving app is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, along with Android and Windows Phone handsets.