First Aid


Incidents in the workplace happen. As long as your employees are humans, there’s going to be mistakes made, no matter how careful and meticulous everybody is about safety. Risks are ever-present and enduring. While proper management of hazards can greatly reduce the chance of harm occurring, there is always going to be risks. The real task is minimising the potential consequences posed, this is where planning and first aid is important.


What is First Aid Training?

First aid is taking care of minor injuries such as applying a bandage, all the way to CPR. First aid training is a service provided by qualified medical professionals to teach people valuable skills dedicated to assisting injured people if necessary. First aid is particularly important in workplaces. While first aid training will not teach you everything about emergency medicine, in urgent circumstances it can be the difference between life and death.

First aid is important because fast responses in emergency situations are critical. If someone has been harmed and they are no longer breathing, resuscitation must take place in a matter of minutes to avoid a tragedy. First aid in workplaces can save lives.

Every workplace has different first aid needs. Depending on the hazards and risks attributed to your workers, your requirements will vary. Employers need to be aware of what’s required in their business and from there proper arrangements can be made for first aid training that suits the working environment.


Here are some things to consider when thinking about first aid training:

-  Your unique hazards in your workplace
-  The amount of employees you have
-  The layout of your workplace (uneven ground, heights etc)
-  The size of your workplace
-  Where your workplace is located
-  Your first aid resources


First Aid Equipment

Depending on your workplace, you may require supporting equipment to handle first aid effectively. For example, if your employees are required to handle hazardous substances, this requires a specific level of first aid. It’s important to ascertain what exactly your risks are and how your first aid training and equipment addresses this.

At the very least, all workplaces should have a well-stocked first aid kit. These will always be useful in any environment for many different situations. First aid kits should be built based on the hazards your workplace has. For places that don’t have any specific risks, a basic kit could be all that’s required.

Dexters stock first aid equipment for a diverse range of workplaces. View our products here, or contact us on 0800 339 8377 for assistance deciding what you require.