The age-old saying “Time is Money” has never been more true, as we live in a time of great expense and we’re faced with fast-paced competitors at every turn. In order to utilise the hours we’re given, and to stay ahead of the competition, efficiency is key. Warehouses are large and often dangerous places, where finding particular materials and navigating large amounts of stock can be very difficult. To draw the most speed from you your workers while keeping them safe and happy, you need a well-organised warehouse.

Warehouse Storage and Organisation Ideas

There are many ways to keep your workplace or warehouse organised and therefore efficient. Here are just some of the ideas:


There are a variety of shelving types available so seek the storage solutions that best match the type of things you’re storing in terms of size and number. Shelving obviously allows you to store upwards allowing quick, easy movement around the warehouse and allows products to be stored out of the way, minimising hazards.


Pallets, boxes and storage containers are good for organising the shelves themselves by keeping items separate, but are also good for storing items that need to be at arms reach such as tools and other smaller items. For the latter purpose, stacking-containers are good because they can function as a shelf but can be separated and moved around if need be.

Have a system:

Make sure you’re not placing your stock in any old place. Have an organisational system for everyone to work by. Everything should have a home, that way everyone can find what they’re looking for as fast as possible. Note down the locations of everything and continually update this list/map, allowing everyone to quickly learn the locations of new stock.

Workplace Health and Safety

It’s really important that you follow health and safety rules surrounding storage and shelving to avoid any serious accidents. According to WorkSafe this is what you need:

(For more information, visit this Worksafe page)

(For more information, visit this Worksafe page)

Warehouse Safety Tips

Your storage solutions need to allow a safe working environment, because sacrificing safety in the name of efficiency and speed will only result in the sacrificing of said efficiency.

Keep it clean:

Another important aspect of storage: Bins.
Have plenty of bins in clearly visible locations to discourage people from “putting things down for a sec’” and not picking them up again. If aisles and exits are cluttered, safety and efficiency decrease.

Have the right equipment:

It isn’t enough to just have shelving – it has to be the right kind of shelving. As mentioned before, it has to be earthquake safe. Also, the equipment will have weight limits that need to be respected, and if you’re planning on stacking multiple things on one tier of a shelf, maybe consider purchasing shelving with more tiers and less height between tiers to avoid precarious stacking.

Seek advice:

To take your organisation, efficiency and safety to the next level, seek professional advice on storage solutions. Suppliers of the storage equipment should be able to identify hazards and layout your storage in the safest way possible.