One of the most important installs you’ll ever do in your plant is the putting in place of safety systems.

But before you choose your project provider there are several points to consider.


Health and Safety

Wouldn’t it be stupid for someone to get hurt while your company was in the process of installing safety systems?

Before you start, make sure that your install company has a health and safety policy in place. The project managers should be well versed in Hazard and Risk Management Standards (HARM). They should also be familiar with all standard work permit systems and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms. We don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Installers should complete all standard site inductions as well as have a good knowledge of standard health and safety procedures and requirements.

Project Manager

You will need a project manager who is there for you. At DexSafe we understand how important this is. A project manager is assigned to each installation. This person will be your contact for any questions, concerns or project changes. We work very closely with the customer through all stages of the project and our project managers are your key point of contact.

Flexibility Counts

While we all know how important it is to hammer out the details of the project scope before we start, changes do happen. Often as the project evolves, it becomes apparent that layout changes are needed. Make sure that your install company is willing to work with you on changes.

Changes on the Job Site

DexSafe is more than happy to accommodate changes on the job. Your project manager will work through these with you on site.

Geared to suit Your Needs

    - Install dates are arranged to suit you.

    - Last minute changes to the project scope are not a problem. The final install must be exactly how you want it.

    - Our fully modular barrier systems enable us to make adjustments on site, during installation.

Our People

Our hands-on approach is what makes us unique.

This is why our project managers are all trained in HARM standards and do understand about standard work permits and JSA forms. You’ll also find them nice to work with, as coupled with their technical abilities they are dedicated to giving you the best install experience.

All our installers are trained in the installation of all our barrier products. And yes, they are familiar with standard site induction and health and safety procedures and requirements.

They get the job done efficiently and well with minimal disruption to your workplace.

On Time and Looking Great!

But we don’t call it complete until we have made sure that you are one hundred percent satisfied. We will give you a call or visit your site to make sure.

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