Risk Analysis


Edition #23: Manual Handling and Your Responsibilities

Like many people out there, we’re sure you do not give manual handling much thought. However, if you work in a warehouse or similar, then you are...


Edition #22: Protecting Visitors In A Workplace

Your workplace is going to have visitors. It’s inevitable. Whether it’s a client, a contractor or a personal visit, at some point or another, someone...


Edition #20: Noise In Manufacturing

Many manufacturing processes, machinery, and equipment produce high noise levels, which can lead to hearing problems.   How Do You Know When Noise Is...


Edition #12: Warehouses and Factories. How to set up an Earthquake Emergency Plan; on Paper, Online, or using a Safety App

I am updating the Emergency plan for our business and we are all wondering about when an earthquake strikes and you have people working in a...


Edition #8: Lift & Shift. The Right Equipment for the Job

Heavy, too large, awkward to grasp or carry. Stretching up, bending down or twisting to work or lift, increases the risk of injury. That’s when...


Edition #7: Dangerous Goods – Explosive, Corrosive, Flammable and Poisonous. Manage Them Safely by Addressing These 3 Aspects

Beirut, August 4th 2020. Chemicals seized from a ship in 2014 because of their known danger and left to rot in a port warehouse. The inevitable...

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Edition #6: Traffic Management And Pedestrian Segregration

Mobile plant and pedestrians don’t (or shouldn’t) mix. A NZ company was sentenced in March for a fatality because ‘there should have been an enforced...

Staff in reflective vests walking from camera in a warehouse

Edition #3: 16 Workplace Hazards And 3 Steps To Safety

With 75 workplace fatalities in NZ for 2019, it’s time to identify workplace hazards and minimise their risks. While the definition of hazard is ’a...