BlueAnt Stainless Steel Lifter, 300kg, machine only

Model Number: 41551057


The Multi-Lift is a high-quality compact mobile lifter with a battery powered lift. It is designed to suit a range of tool attachments that provide solutions for a multitude of handling issues. The Multi-Lift and/or its attachments can also be custom designed. Attachments can be quickly changed if required so a single lifter can be used with multiple attachments for different applications. For use in the food and dairy, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Considering operator safety at all times the stainless steel lifter has been designed to meet the latest international health and safety directives, CE approved with supporting risk assessment, technical files and documentation
  • With a small footprint and easy operation, this unit can be use in the confined work spaces and narrow production lines found in many of today’s modern manufacturing environments
  • Powered by 12V DC battery operated system with the carriage lift being generated from a motor driven precision ballscrew eliminating the need to use any hydraulics and consequent risk of oil leaks
  • All attachments are supplied separately
ModelCapacityOverall SizeLift Height
41551042 150kg920mm L x 500mm W x 2040mm H 1700mm
41551043300kg920mm L x 500mm W x 2040mm H 1700mm