Boplan SG Self-Closing Flex Impact Swing Gate


The SG Swing Gate is a self-closing gate, that can swing both ways. This makes it especially useful for fire egress routes on walkways. A stop can also be installed to only allow the gate to swing one way. It is useful for situations where there is high pedestrian traffic, as well as on company sites such as factories, airports, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Our SG Swing Gate is a safety gate that swings in both directions to make access easy. This optional closing block can be installed to your SG swing gate to prevent the gate from being fixed in the open position. The gate will return to its closed position, reducing the risk of exposure to dangerous areas and keeping your access points closed to unauthorised personnel. SG Swing gates are modular in design to be easily used in conjunction with our FLEX IMPACT® handrails.

As standard, the SG Swing gate can be opened in both directions, but this optional gate stop can be installed to prevent the gate from swinging out in one direction if required. This prevents the swing gate being opened out into traffic areas and causing a potential safety hazard. It can also be used where there is not enough room for the gate to swing out in both directions. This optional gate stop is designed for easy installation.

Length: 700mm up to 2000mm (with guiding roller)


Flex Impact Advantage

FLEX IMPACT® security systems have been specially designed from flexible polymer, which is highly impact-resistant, flexible and shock-absorbent. All of our safety systems have been tested  extensively over a long period of time in order to comply with the strictest standards of safety. In any kind of impact due to collision, the material simply bends and then returns to its original shape again afterwards. The unique thing about it is that our safety systems fully retain both their looks as well as their essential properties afterwards.

In addition, FLEX IMPACT® uses a modular construction, making it possible to install each and every element separately. If necessary, each element can be replaced separately as well. This approach allows us to offer a durable safety product with a cost-efficient impact that should not be underestimated.

  • Active memory
  • Easy to use modular design
  • Lightweight compared to steel
  • Strength equivalent to steel
  • Long lifespan & low maintenance = Cost saving
  • Tested and approved
  • No floor damage
  • No repaint
  • Optimal visibility
  • No corrosion
  • UV resistant
  • Chemical resistant

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