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Boplan Safety Barrier Solutions

Boplan safety barrier solutions offer sustainable and highly effective fall and collision protection for the most demanding environments.

Superior Impact Resistance

FLEX IMPACT® safety systems have been specially designed from flexible polymer, which is highly impact-resistant, flexible and shock-absorbent. Boplan safety systems fully retain both their looks as well as their essential properties afterwards.

Independently Crash Tested

All of our safety systems have been tested extensively over a long period of time by independent testing facilities in order to comply with the strictest standards of safety. In any kind of impact due to collision, the material simply bends and then returns to its original shape again afterwards.

Very Little maintenance required

Because FLEX IMPACT® barriers absorb the energy from the impact, this prevents it being transferred through to the floor. This means no more damaged concrete repairs, or repainting discoloured barriers.

Chemical, UV and Fire Resistant

The polymer composition of Boplan FLEX IMPACT® products makes them resistant to chemicals, UV and fire. Boplan profiles don't have layers and are coloured to the core, this ensures your safety system will retain their colour after years of use.

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