Auckland Airport

You think airport, you think planes, and with good reason. But what about all the pedestrians? Auckland Airport is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand, with over 21 million passengers going through the gates in 2019, pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance. While we know the numbers have been nowhere near this big in the past 18 months, it does not make the safety of the pedestrians any less important.

We all understand that the intent behind pedestrian walkways is to provide a safe place for people to walk that is separate from vehicles and heavy machinery within the area. So, when the workplace safety team at Auckland Airport approached us about safety barriers and the systems we could put in place, we knew we had a few challenges to consider.

So, what challenges did we have before us:

  • Our work schedule was limited to the hours of 10pm and 5am each evening.
  • The product we suggested need to blend with existing barriers.
  • We had to provide a product that had longevity and safety at the forefront.

With all these in our minds we know we had the perfect product in our portfolio to apply to this situation.

Our proposal put forward the Pedsafe barrier system as a clear and easily identifiable pedestrian barrier. We knew that the modular system would make it ideal for the airports application, as we could install one or multiple continuous barriers with ease. Furthermore, the unique anti-slip aluminium handrails and the spring-loaded gates provide extra peace of mind when it comes to those patrons frequenting the airports tarmacs.

Of course, there were other stipulations we had to keep in mind when presenting our solution. Auckland Airport required the existing barriers on the tarmacs to be utilised, therefore any new applications had to fit seamlessly with all pre-existing structures. As Pedsafe barriers can have any number of rails bolted to each post, we knew it would provide the best solution.

It is also note-worthy that all parts of the Pedsafe barrier system are easily replaced without compromising the integrity of the entire structure should damage occur. Not only providing safety now, but well into the future.

Are you looking for a pedestrian safety system that is easily adaptable to your workplace? Then contact our team today to arrange a visit from our team to discuss your options.