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From making sure we sanitize our hands, to lifting correctly and protecting employees from wayward equipment or other hazards, we know that safety in the workplace is of paramount importance. In fact, here at Dexters we are all about making better, safer workplaces for everyone. It was with this mind that we undertook the project at MOVe Logistics, Christchurch.

MOVe Logistics are one of the country’s leading suppliers of supply chain management solutions, warehousing and distribution, logistics and crane truck services. MOVe Logistics approached us in 2020 regarding their interest in increasing the safety around their high traffic areas. They have many staff as well as heavy machinery, that all operate in the same area. This means that there are numerous high-risk factors in the workplace to navigate.

However, their team know, that with growth in business and staff numbers, there is increased risk within the workplace. One of the key areas for them has been to ensure the safety of staff around their forklifts in the work yard. Yes, drivers are trained and licensed but unfortunately accidents happen. After consulting with them on their needs, we recommended and quoted on installing a Boplan Flex Impact Safety Barrier system. For them, there was no question, this was the safety barrier system for them.

Of course, we had to ask their WHS Manager, why they chose Dexters and Boplan for their workplace.

“Dexters were a great team to work with all the way through the from the original scope of the site through to the final installation and audit check. Their prompt service and flexibility was one of their greatest attributes which made the process seamless for all involved. A willingness to provide solutions and multiple options before and during the installation process at a great price, matched by great products is also key to their success.

We have already re-engaged with them again to install more barrier protection at multiple sites of ours, so we would 100% highly recommend them to anyone that was looking at a solution to protect their own staff and visitors at their place of business.”

MOVe Logistics have gone with a combination of Boplan products which includes the Boplan TB 400 Plus Flex Impact Traffic BarrierBoplan TB 400 Flex Impact Traffic BarrierBoplan SG Self-Closing Flex Impact Swing Gate and the Boplan BO Impact Flex Impact Protective posts, which cover an impressive 436 metres of safety barrier around their site.

So, if you would like to know how we can help your workplace become a better, safer workplace then contact us today.

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