If outdoor sports are your thing, then you know all about Torpedo7, but for those who would rather be inside and enjoy the fire, let us fill you in. Torpedo7 is the leading outdoor retail store in New Zealand. They offer an extensive range of bikes, snow, and water gear, as well as clothing, camping equipment, trampolines, hiking gear, bags, and packs of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, Torpedo7 are your go-to guys for all things outdoor.

Luckily for us, their distribution centre is located in Hamilton, which is where we were asked to step in and help them achieve their operational and workplace safety improvements.

What did this look like?

Once we spoke with the team from Torpedo7 we conducted a site visit of their distribution centre. This included a walk thru of the facility as well as an extensive meeting with their team to find out what they were looking to achieve with this installation.

Our Services

With our notes in hand, our team went away and compiled the perfect solution for site safety for the Torpedo7 distribution centre.

We considered all aspects of the business operations, from which doors are most used to which footpaths saw the most foot traffic. Once all of this information was considered we put together a comprehensive package, that included the installation of DexSafe forklift barriers to the high traffic areas of the centre.

Next Steps

Once approved and accepted, our team did a pre-install site visit to ensure that we met all specifications as previously requested. During our visit, we found that there had been some areas of contention that arose in our proposal. However, by having this visit, we were able to adjust the plan and ensure that the installation went off without any setbacks to the timeline for delivery.

The Product

Torpedo7 went with a combination of main barrier choices from the Forksafe range which included the ForkSafe 600-B, along with PedSafe pedestrian gates, SpanSafe gates, and steel bollards, which cover an impressive 190 metres of safety barrier around their site.


We keep a vast stock of the ForkSafe forklift barriers within our warehouse. As a result, the majority of the equipment required for the Torpedo7 install were already in stock and ready to go. This led to a quick turn-around and smooth installation for both our team and theirs.

Our teams’ experience and dedication paid off for this install, providing a quick, reliable and smooth transition for the centre. We were able to limit interruptions to their processes and procedures and provide them with the improvements that their operational safety required.

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