WStar Apparel, Auckland City

Be honest when you think Dexters Equipment Superstore, you think industrial, you think dirty manufacturing warehouses… And why not? We have made a name in being able to provide the safety and storage solutions for these businesses. So, when Women’s and Corporate Apparel, WStar Apparel approached us to fit out their textiles factory, we knew we would enjoy the challenge.

Born in New Zealand in 1938, WStar has a long and proud history in textiles manufacturing. In fact, they pride themselves on being specialists in design and innovation when it comes to the latest in apparel technology. Whether you are looking to strengthen your brand presence or looking to unify your workforce, this team has the solution for you. Of course, being a worldwide distributor of a diverse range of corporate wear definitely helps!

WStar Apparel were in the process of moving their distribution back in-house when they approached us to help them find a suitable resolution.

Our challenge? Find the perfect storage solution to both enhance their working space but provide them with the most cost effective and efficient storage solution for their warehouse.

Our solution? The modular design Ultispan Shelving units. Available with MDF, steel or mesh shelving, they provided the ideal solution for the textiles factory.

Ultispan shelving are the ultimate in small parts storage, however, do not be mislead by the moniker. They have a load bearing of 300-800kg per pair set of beams, with safety clips on each set of beams to prevent them from being easily lifted out.

Not to mention their modular design, means that they are easy to install, can be bolted to the ground and the shelf heights are adjustable by 25mm increments. Did we mention they can be easily modified and are available in beam lengths of up to 2400mm?

WStar absolutely love their finished storage space and are feeling far more organised for having this solution installed in their warehouse.

Want to find the perfect storage solution for your warehouse? Then contact our team today to arrange a visit from our team to discuss your options.