DG & Hazardous Chemical Storage NZ

Location Compliance Certifier

If you are storing above certain quantities, you may be required to get a Location Compliance Certifier to visit your site and advise what you need to do to comply with the relevant AS/NZS standards for storing Hazardous Substances. For more information about Location Compliance Certificates, visit the Worksafe website link below.

For a list of current NZ government approved Compliance Certifiers, follow this link to the WorkSafe website.

Hazardous Goods Type & Quantity

First things first, you need to know exactly what it is you're storing, including container size and quantity. If you have a large quantity, it may be easier to put this in a spreadsheet.

Recommended Solutions

Based on your type and quantity, or Compliance Certifier information, our consultants will work through this with you to recommend the correct storage or containment device.

Largest Range of Storage and Containment Solutions

Dexters offers the largest range of Hazardous Substance storage and containment solutions, from spill pallets and storage cabinets of all sizes right through to 4-hour fire rated Type D cabinets.

Browse by Product Range

Finding the right chemical storage solution can be a daunting task. That's why our consultants are trained to recommend the correct products based on factors such as chemical type and volume, proximity to buildings and frequency of use. Browse our range of storage and spill equipment, or if you have questions, please contact our DG Storage Consultant below.

Get Contactless Advice

Do you have a DG storage challenge, but don't know where to start resolving it? You can use our DG Storage Review form to send us images and details of your area, and one of our consultants will provide you with some practical solutions.

Need some help getting started? Contact our DG consultant today.

Ferg Deck

Ferg Deck

Safety Consultant / General Manager