This collapsible box pallet is a game changer for companies and warehouses such as logistics, retail and manufacturers. You can open the front of the box pallet allowing easy access to the items inside. It can also be stacked making it perfect for storing items while you can still access these thanks to the fold down door at the front. This box pallet can be collapsed and stacked when not in use, so it takes up minimal storage space. A lid is available code 43781036 so it can be stored outside.


  • 1 year warranty
  • No assembly required
  • Plastic composite so cannot be chipped or broken
  • Lid is available code 43781036
  • Can be used outside

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ModelCapacityDimensionsCollapsed HeightMax Loaded Stack
43781001900kgExt: 1143mm L x 1219mm W x 625mm H Int: 1132mm L x 1052mm W x 470mm H 345mmStatic - 6 High, Dynamic - 4 High
43781017788kgExt: 1143mm L x 1219mm W x 1066mm H Int: 1132mm L x 1052mm W x 901mm H 345mmStatic - 4 High, Dynamic - 2 High