Container Ramp, recycled rubber, 2200W x 1250L x 160H, black

Model Number: 54631039


The recycled rubber container ramp is a new product to the market offering a lot that steel container ramp cannot. They have 90% less noise than a steel container ramp, rated to 10 ton and a lot more. Each ramp has a lip that passes over shipping container locks so that they can be positioned anywhere along the container’s edge. The full-width, modular design includes four ramps that can be positioned as far apart or as close together as needed, depending on the spread of your equipment wheels.

The recycled rubber container ramp provides exceptional durability and longevity. Made from high-quality recycled rubber, these ramps are resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for heavy-duty use in industrial and commercial settings. The rubber material also offers excellent traction, ensuring a safe and secure surface for loading and unloading equipment or goods.

Another significant advantage is the environmental aspect of these ramps. As they are made from recycled rubber, they contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices. By utilizing recycled materials, the ramps offer a greener alternative without compromising on strength or functionality.

The modular design of the ramps allows for versatility in application. The four ramps can be positioned independently, allowing customization to accommodate different wheel spreads of various equipment. Whether you have narrow or wide wheelbases, the ramps can be adjusted accordingly to ensure a proper fit, making them compatible with a wide range of vehicles and machinery.



  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Made of recycled tyre rubber.
  • Designed to allow access into standard shipping containers that are located at ground level.
  • Typically supplied in Max 10,000Kg capacities to suit your operations, though others are available on request.
  • Modular.
  • Movement by one-Person allows the ramp to be quick and easily assembled to the 220cm width.
  • 90% less noise when fork truck driver drives in and out of the container.
  • Please note most containers will not be able to close whilst the ramp is left in place.
Model Capacity (Kg)Unit WeightDimensions
5463103910,0001882200W x 1250L x 160H