Custom Manufacturing


The first step in the custom manufacturing process is to get a clear picture of the goals and objectives you hope to achieve with the project. We consider things like handling efficiency, operational procedures and processes, product requirements, and of course budget.

We take the time to discuss these with you, and where necessary conduct a site visit to ensure we capture the full scope of the project at hand.


Taking everything into account we will then come up with a few smart and creative solutions based on over 20 years in the industry. We then present these to you and tweak anything that needs adjusting until we both feel that we have a viable and practical solution.


If timeframes allow, it is often a good idea to do a prototype or trial first, to double check the practical 'in use' functionality of your new concept. This allows users and managers alike see and feel how it's going to work in the real world. Any last minute adjustments can be made before a final concept is reached.


When we have the final concept, we then put this into production. Our unique workshop setup is geared around bulk runs, saving time and costs, which are passed on to our clients. Products are finished to the highest standard and can also be assembled before delivery if required.


Whether you need delivery to a single point, or to multiple locations, Dexters can take care of the entire process. We have delivery channels nationwide throughout New Zealand and Australia, and also worldwide.

Contact one of our consultants for a no-obligation discussion.

Ferg Deck

Ferg Deck

Safety Consultant / General Manager

A familiar and friendly face to many of you, Ferg is Dexters resident Safety Specialist. A jack of all trades, Ferg manages all areas of the business to ensure things are running smoothly.<br /> Living and breathing the company mantra of Home Safe, Every Day, Ferg has a young family which keeps him busy and on his toes.<br /> In his spare time, he enjoys cooking everything from burgers to roasts to curries. Ferg enjoys building and making things around the house, as well as exploring new places around New Zealand.
James Deck

James Deck

Managing Director