DG CubeVault™ Dangerous Goods Storage

Model Number: 5037


The DG CubeVault™ is designed to store small packaged hazardous substances.

External dimensions 900mmL x 900mmW x 900mmH.
Internal dimensions 714mmL x 780mmW x 680mmH.
240/240/240 FRR rated.
75 litre contained and integral bunding.
Removable shelves x 2
Fibreglass mesh floor


SL7 DG Mini Vaults™ are a product that can also be used as an independent ‘transit’ stowage unit for freight forwarding operations and transportation of conflicting products, particularly where separation and footprint restrictions are an issue. They are designed to be either freestanding inside and outside a building or they can be used as a transit stowage unit where zero separation of hazardous substance is a requirement.