EP JX1 Electric Order Picker 4.8m, Li-Ion battery

Model Number: JX1-4.8-LI
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Featuring an innovative patent pending design the EP Electric Order Picker delivers the performance of an industrial order picker in a highly compact, maneuverable and capable machine. Well suited for a wide array of inventory management and fulfillment tasks, this vehicle has been purpose developed to maximize productivity while minimizing operating cost in retail, warehousing and distribution applications. Features: - 450kg total vehicle capacity (225kg front tray, 135kg operator, 90kg rear tray) - Programmable dash with automatic speed reduction when elevated - Electronic power steering with infinitely variable speed control - Finger tip controls integrated into retractable vehicle guardrails - Premium steel I-beam mast construction and unitized steel frame - 180 degree articulating driveline with 1830mm minimum turn radius - 2 year or 2000 hour warranty (T&C's apply)

The acid batteries will work a longer day without a charge, but then needs 5-8 hours to charge when nearly flat.

The lithium battery units can be opportunity charged, so for example you can charge these at a lunch hour and have 25% charge back in battery.

The lithium battery requires no maintenance and is clean and easy to use.