Flammable Liquid Cabinet - 250L Plus

Model Number: 6261
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• Supplied with Class 3 decals
• Complies with the design requirements of AS1940:2017.
• Weight: 155kgs
• Internal dimensions: 1,480 x 1,010 x 510mm (h,w,d)
• External dimensions: 1,805 x 1,100 x 600mm (h,w,d)


It can be a big job managing multiple Class 3 flammable liquids. The potential risks to people and property are pretty obvious, and no one wants that on their conscience, or insurance claim.

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

This large capacity, double skinned Hazero cabinet safely meets the needs of businesses who use  flammable liquids on a large scale - providing protection against explosions and fires and keeping them out of the headlines!

Note: Although the capacity is 350L, legislation states that no more than 250L of Class 3 may be stored in any one cabinet. The reason for the additional capacity of this cabinet is to allow for larger sized 20L containers to be stored together and/or to store other compatible substances (not Class 3).


• Generous, secure storage for larger flammable liquids containers
• New Zealand designed and fabricated
• Double sequentially-closing doors
• Two adjustable perforated shelves (plus base)
• Easy to clean, built-in sump
• Lockable non-spark closure
• Adjustable feet to keep everything stable
Hazero Shield of Honour

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