Flexi Delineator Bollard, 1000H, 80mm Ø, orange

Model Number: 54631041
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The flexi bollard range is ideal for companies wanting to provide a visual barrier in situations such as carparks, fast food outlets and fuel stations. The flexi bollards polyurethane construction means it can be hit multiple times without causing damage to the car or the bollard. This makes it extremely useful in tight situations where the bollard may be hit multiple times. The flexi bollard also features high reflective bands for visibility at night. The flexi bollards are fixed by either fastenings or an adhesive butyl pad.

  • 1 Year warranty 
  • Does not damage the object hitting it
  • Made from Polyurethane to provide high elongation and tensile properties for superior resistance to tearing and puncture
  • Fixed by either fastenings or an adhesive butyl pad.
  • Quick installation
  • Rebounds to original shape quickly after impact
  • Ideal for carparks, construction sites, warehouses and factories
  • Reflective strips for day/night use
  • Interlocking design for base & post for easy replacement
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