Hazero Gas Cylinder Store - Extra Large

Model Number: 6169


Designed to store up to 6 x S-size or 12 x G-size cylinders outdoors, this cabinet is sturdy, durable and makes excellent use of space. Relocatable by forklift when empty and kitted out with restraining chains. 

Large, double doors provide product visibility and easy access when handling large, unwieldy (and heavy!) cylinders. 

For everyone’s safety and to avoid theft, we’d advise locking these outdoor units. 

Wall bracket: 41-0009 


• New Zealand designed and fabricated
• Forkliftable (when empty)
• Side wall perforation supports ventilation requirements
• With restraining chains
• 4 removable shelves (plus base)
• Lockable - to protect against theft or misuse
• Adjustable feet to keep everything stable
• Hazero Shield of Honour