Hazero Lithium-ion Battery Safety Cabinet - Large

Model Number: 6174
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For larger businesses, this Lithium-ion battery cabinet makes the most of the clever double-wall, sheet steel design, which provides a thermal air defence to slow the advance of any battery fire. 

Extra space inside gives more storage options for larger batteries (think scooters, e-bikes etc) as well as the charging equipment and power tools themselves – should you want to keep these extra secure. 

Spills or leaks of electrolytes are safely contained in the in-built sump in the base of the unit. 

Additional shelf: 41-0005 
Wall bracket: 41-0009 


  • Sequentially, self-closing doors 

  • Two adjustable perforated shelves (plus base) 

  • Designed and fabricated in New Zealand 

  • Easy to clean, built-in sump 

  • Lockable non-spark closure 

  • Adjustable feet to keep everything stable 

  • Hazero Shield of Honour