Hazero Lithium-ion Battery Safety Cabinet - Medium

Model Number: 6173


This double-doored unit will provide an easily accessible and convenient location to safely secure your Lithium-ion batteries. Adjustable shelves means it can be configured to suit a range of types and number of batteries. It also provides space to add an optional charging point (or two!).

Features like the sequential, self-closing doors mean that batteries are kept away from external threats such as heat, and sparks from other equipment operating nearby. And, in the event of a battery fire, you gain precious extra minutes.

Additional shelf: 41-0005
Wall bracket: 41-0009


  • Intuitive design 

  • Double sequentially, self-closing doors 

  • Designed and fabricated in New Zealand 

  • One adjustable perforated shelf (plus base)  

  • Robust construction helps protect people and property 

  • Easy to clean built-in sump 

  • Lockable non-spark closure 

  • Adjustable feet to keep everything stable 

  • Hazero Shield of Honour