Hazero Lithium-ion Battery Safety Cabinet - Standard Hazero Lithium-ion Battery Safety Cabinet - Standard

Model Number: 6172


For industries, including larger workshops, this under bench cabinet provides a secure and dedicated space for the Lithium-ion batteries used in everyday equipment including power tools. 

There’s peace of mind knowing that the double wall design will slow heat transfer (from the exterior and interior) and reduce the impact on your business in the event of a battery fire. Built in bunding in the base ensures leaks, or electrolyte spills, are safely contained too. 

Additional shelf: 41-0005
Wall bracket: 41-0009



  • Under bench design maximises available work area 

  • Designed and fabricated in New Zealand 

  • Sequentially, self-closing doors 

  • One adjustable perforated shelf (plus base) 

  • Easy to clean built-in sump 

  • Lockable non-spark door closure 

  • Adjustable feet to keep everything stable 

  • Hazero Shield of Honour