Oxidising Agent Cabinet - 100L

Model Number: 6276
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• Supplied with Class 5.1 decals
• Built to comply with the requirements of AS4326-2008
• Weight: 83kgs
• Internal dimensions: 460 x 1,010 x 410mm (h,w,d)
• External dimensions: 785 x 1,100 x 500mm (h,w,d)


Class 5.1 oxidising agents including potassium nitrate, sulphuric acid and nitric acid demand secure, safe storage for everyone’s wellbeing. This generously sized, locally made, double skinned cabinet gives the best of both worlds – hidden away under work benches it provides protection without getting in anyone’s way, or risking being hit by equipment.

Among its features are self-closing, close fitting doors that automatically release in the event of a build-up of pressure within the cabinet.


• New Zealand designed and fabricated
• One adjustable perforated shelf (plus base)
• Can be externally vented by removing a vent plug on either of the
two sides and fitting the necessary piping to the outdoors
• Durable and compliant
• Optimises work space while reducing risk to people and property
• Adjustable feet to keep everything stable.
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