Access Equipment

Looking for Reliable Warehouse Access Equipment?

Some of the greatest risks posed to employees in a work environment are fall hazards. The access equipment we supply allows workers to safely operate in higher areas of the warehouse or work area. With proper, reliable access equipment, this risk can be greatly reduced.

Different heights require unique considerations. The higher the work area, the more concern employers should take when choosing access equipment. We stock a number of options including:

Manual and Electric Order Pickers
Safety Stairs
Step Stools
Work Platforms
Safety Access Cages

As New Zealand’s key supplier of warehouse and factory safety equipment, Dexter’s understands your business needs when purchasing access equipment. Our products are of the highest quality and are designed to withstand frequent and persistent usage. Dexter’s industrial safety solutions are the best way to protect your employees in your workplace.

Access equipment is extremely important in warehouse safety. It’s critical the appropriate equipment is in place to ensure worker safety. If you require assistance when deciding on the right access equipment for your site, please get in contact with us on 0800 339 8377. Dexters are the leading suppliers of warehouse and industrial safety supplies. Our access equipment will ensure safe access to heights on your location. Browse our range today.