Expandable Barriers

Improve workplace safety with expandable safety barriers that temporarily restrict access to exclusion zones. At Dexters, we provide high-quality expanding barriers that are compact, portable, mobile, and easy-to-deploy, so you can provide a barrier around cleaning zones and deny entry to maintenance and other unsafe areas.

Expandable barriers are the ideal mobile solution to improve the safety of commercial and industrial environments.


Versatile safety barriers

Our range is ideal for multiple applications, whether you need expandable safety barriers to provide pedestrian protection, or to limit access to restricted areas at work. From car parks and loading docks, to distribution centres and warehouses, our barriers can be used in a multitude of environments connected to other similar units to create an extended line.

They are compact, expandable up to three meters, and made from high-quality aluminium, making them durable, temperature-resistant, and easy-to-maintain. Get in touch with us today for more information.