Retractable Belts

Safety is always our top priority, and we pride ourselves on being able to help all businesses find the right solutions that work for them. Our equipment is trusted by countless businesses across the country to protect employees, visitors, and products. For high-quality retractable belts and barriers, trust Dexters. We provide cone top, free-standing, and wall mount retractable barriers, restricting access.


Why Use Retractable Belts?

Retractable belt safety barriers are a great temporary option to restrict access to certain areas or to create a visual guide to indicate to pedestrians where they can walk or queue.

Wall-mounted retractable belt barriers are the ideal solution for restricting access in corridors, elevator doors, warehouse aisles, and loading bays, while the free-standing retractable belt barriers are ideal for high traffic areas such as airports, large retail stores, stadiums, and arenas. Cone top retractable belt barriers are a light, portable retracting belt unit that fits onto most types of traffic cones and is more effective at restricting access than cones alone.

All of our retractable safety belt units feature a heavy-duty nylon belt that won’t fray or break, even in the toughest conditions.