Warehouse/Factory Trolleys

1 Tier Trolley
2 Tier Trolley
Multi Tier Trolley
Utility & Service Trolley
Bin Trolley
Cage Trolley
Folding Trolley
Hand Trucks
Scissor Lift Trolleys
Custom Made

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Increase efficiency and decrease the risk of injury with Dexter’s Industrial Trolleys

Dexters stock a wide range of Trolleys perfect for warehouses and factories. The trolleys we stock are suitable for various different environments. From industrial use to service orientated purposes, trolleys allows you to transport equipment efficiently and safely.

Our selection Includes:
Platform Trolleys
Multi Tier Trolleys
Tote Bin Trolleys
Cage Trolleys
Folding Trolleys
Hand Trucks
Scissor Lift Trolleys
Utility and Service Trolleys

We’re able to provide a range of sizes and features for your unique needs. Our experts at Dexters are prepared to assist with any of your warehouse and safety equipment requirements. For more information about our supplies, our services or for suggestions on suitable products, feel free to call us on 0800 339 8377.