Toxic Substance Cabinet - 250L

Model Number: 6272
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• Supplied with Class 6 decals
• Built to comply with the requirements of AS/NZ4452 standard.
• Weight: 140kgs
• Internal dimensions: 1,480 x 1,010 x 410mm (h,w,d)
• External dimensions: 1,805 x 1,100 x 500mm (h,w,d)


When you’re dealing with chemicals including cyanide and lead compounds, or viruses and bacteria, security and safety are everything. Class 6.1 and 6.2 toxic and infectious substances throw up unique challenges. But these locally made cabinets are specifically equipped to address them.

Double self-closing doors are just part of the intuitively-designed, leading edge security specifications, that cater for larger storage and help provide a safer workplace.

Extra tips: Always ensure cabinets are clean and organised, and that used containers are disposed of appropriately.


• New Zealand designed and fabricated
• Non-spark closure removes a potential ignition point
• Two adjustable perforated shelves (plus base)
• Extra safety built-in
• All-round dependability and proven performance
• Adjustable feet to keep everything stable
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