Toxic Substance Cabinet - 350L

Model Number: 6273
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• Supplied with Class 6 decals
• Built to comply with the requirements of AS/NZ4452 standard.
• Weight: 155kgs
• Internal dimensions: 1,480 x 1,010 x 510mm (h,w,d)
• External dimensions: 1,805 x 1,100 x 600mm (h,w,d)


This larger-scale, high spec. Class 6.1 and 6.2 toxic and infectious substances storage ensures safety and compliance

Protecting people, property and the planet were uppermost when these cabinets were designed. Built to last, they are also suited to the wear and tear of everyday use.

Remember: Always locate cabinets away from entrances and exits, and near effective handwashing facilities. Robust systems for safe use and monitoring of contents, and relevant safety gear and training are not just “nice-to-haves” they are absolutely essential!


• New Zealand designed and fabricated
• Non-spark closure removes a potential ignition point
• Two adjustable perforated shelves (plus base)
• Extra safety built-in
• All-round dependability and proven performance
• Adjustable feet to keep everything stable
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