Dexters road traffic separators are a fast solution to indicate lane separation, cycle lanes, parking bay indication, tramways, protect tunnel walls, underground passages (due to reflective panels), marking of traffic lanes in carpark entrance and exit ramps etc. They can be set up quickly and easily to be permanently fixed, or loose laid for temporary situations. They are made of recycled rubber and its easily removed from the traffic lanes without a trace and can be reinstalled in another location making it economically and environmentally a great option.

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Please note the post is sold separately 
  • Can be quickly and easily put in position in all weathers 
  • Outstanding road grip by the skid-resistant base-studs 
  • Can be removed from the traffic lanes without a trace
  • Nonpolluting, made of recycling rubber
  • Plug openings for indicator and beacons
  • Prism shaped reflectors 
Model:Base Dimensions: Base Weight:Post Dimensions:Post Weight:Base Colour:
546310311000L x 275W x 85H 14kg --Yellow
546310321000L x 275W x 85H 14kg --Black
54631033500L x 275W x 85H 7.5kg--Black
54631034500L x 275W x 85H 7.5kg--Yellow
5463103575mm Ø -900H x 75mm Ø 1kgOrange