Versatip 1500mm Tip wheelie bin tipper empty wheelie bins safely and efficiently. These versatile bin tippers can empty a range of bins including 80, 120 and 240 litres wheelie bins. The electro-hydraulic tipping mechanism allows a single operator to quickly and effortlessly lift empty bins. They are simple to use, the wheelie bin is wheeled onto the tipping cradle and the safety door closed to allow operation. Push-button control allows the operator to raise, tip and lower bin back to ground level. Versatip 1500mm Tip Bin Tipper is available in battery, single-phase, solar powered, and three-phase operation. 

NameCapacity (kg)Tipping Height (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)Width (mm)Power Source
1500mm Tip – Battery Powered250150020851330990Battery
1500mm Tip – Single Phase Powered250150020851330990Single Phase
1500mm Tip – Solar Powered250150020851330990Solar
1500mm Tip – 3 Phase Powered2501500208513309903 Phase