Wall Mount Twin Retractable Belt, 4.6m, black/yellow belt

Model Number: 5017
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This is a wall mounted retracting belt barrier featuring a unique Twin Belt configuration. Two belts increase the visibility of the barrier and restrict pedestrians from ducking under the belt. The single piece construction has a lower cost than two individual wall mounts and is easier to install.

  •  1 Year warranty
  •  Easy to install
  •  Has safe retracting mechanism
  •  Has a twin belt set up for extra visibility and security
  •  Ideal for segregation without taking up any floor space
  •  Perfect for retail stores, hotels, hospitality or similar
  •  Inconspicuous design
  •  High quality
  •  Locking belt receivers prevent accidental release of the belt
ModelLengthBelt Colour Belt Width Unit Weight