Wall Mounted Retractable Belt, 22.8m, black/yellow belt

Model Number: 5020
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This retractable belt is designed for restricting access in very long span applications such as warehouses, machine guards or airport tarmacs. The belt mechanism is protected by a heavy duty ABS housing which is a light weight and tough for withstanding outdoor conditions. The units are supplied with a wall mounting bracket for attachment to any vertical surface. The mounting bracket is adjustable allowing the unit to be set so the belt can be pulled out at any angle. Receiver clip for attaching the belt end to the opposite wall is also included. If needed the unit can be simply removed from the mounting bracket, so the same unit can be used on multiple brackets within your facility.

  •  1 Year warranty
  •  Easy to install
  •  Has safe retracting mechanism
  •  Ideal for applications requiring a longer barrier
  •  Ideal for when a longer barrier is needed without taking up any floor space
  •  Can go indoors and outdoors
  •  It can be used in multiple locations around your facility
  •  Cost efficient way to segregate large areas
ModelLengthBelt Colour Belt Width Unit Weight
5020 22.8mBlack/yellow50mm12.2kg