Have you heard of the Konmari method? Where you remove items that no longer bring you joy… And what about the workplace? It’s only commonsense to keep your workplace clean and tidy right? But how do you achieve this in a simplistic way that will benefit not only the workplace but the employees as well? We suggest starting with the Five S’s (5S) methodology. So, what does 5S stand for? The principles were created in Japan, however when translated to English they are sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain.



Ultimately the methodology aims for a workplace that is clean, uncluttered, safe, and well organised.

But how do you implement 5S in your workplace?

So, within the workplace the focus is to put everything where it belongs, or as this author is famed for saying, everything has its place and in its place it belongs. By implementing this type of system, you ultimately create a more organised workplace which makes it easier for people to do their jobs without wasting time or risking injury.

And of course, being all about making workplaces safer for everyone, we here at Dexters have some excellent solutions for you to implement.



Where Do I Start?

Well, the best place is to assess what you currently have and whether it is suitable to grow and sustain your businesses storage needs. Take the example below, clearly the image on the left is not a desirable workspace, however it is unfortunately a common occurrence, especially when we get busy and think “we’ll get to it later”. However, the image on the right is definitely more appealing and doesn’t induce that ‘Ugh’ feeling we all get when faced with a task we are less than enthused about undertaking.

1. Inventory stacked far out of reach 1. Uniform bins and racking
2. Unused older inventory 2. Date tracking of inventory
3. Safety hazard: boxes stacked in aisles 3. Bin contents are labelled
4. No discernible organization such as barcoding, inventory dating, colour coding, or naming convention 4. Bins, racks, and floors are kept clean and in good repair
5. Trash and debris allowed to accumulate 5. Lighting in facility is sufficient
6. Racks are low enough that ladders are not required to access inventory

Table courtesy of www.creativesafetysupply.com

We can clearly see the benefits of applying the 5S methodology just from the pictures. So, how can you achieve this…

Products to Consider:

Well, we suggest starting by looking at your shelving. Sometimes, the simplest of changes can make the biggest of differences. In ensuring your shelving is efficient and at heights and load bearing suitable for your workplace, half of your job is done.

Our recommendation for the ultimate in small parts and carton storage is the Ultispan Shelving. It is modular in design, can be bolted to the ground, and has shelving options available in MDF, mesh and steel panels.

Next, would be your storage containers. We know the easiest option is to keep your products in the packaging it arrives in, however remember the pictures from above? We want to ensure our workplaces are sustainable and easy to set in order, thus employing a uniform approach to storage that is easily accessible and clean makes for a safer workplace.

Moving down the list, we recommend looking at your flooring tape. We all know that with foot traffic and/or machinery constantly moving around that tape lifts. Which can create a tripping hazard, not to mention look unsightly!

Of course, the way you move your stock around your workspace is also important when looking at 5S principles. This is where our custom trolleys can really be of assistance.

With each workplace being different, we recommend getting in-touch with our friendly team to arrange a workplace visit. We can then discuss your options and provide a tailored quote to help you achieve 5S and ensure your workplace becomes a better, safer workplace today.