Hazero Lithium-ion Battery Safety Cabinet - Compact

Model Number: 6171


A taller version of the entry-level, smaller cabinet, this unit will provide you with safe storage for Lithium-ion batteries.

Ideal for domestic use (think e-scooters, e-bikes and power tools), and smaller business, this keeps the potentially highly flammable batteries contained and away from people and property should the worst happen.

Perfect for smaller commercial workspaces, laboratories, workshops and building sites.

Additional shelf: 41-0004
Wall bracket: 41-0009



  • Space-efficient 

  • Compact, and durable 

  • Designed and fabricated in New Zealand 

  • Lockable self-closing door for safety and security 

  • Adjustable perforated shelf (plus base) 

  • Easy to clean built-in sump 

  • Adjustable feet to keep everything stable 

  • Hazero Shield of Honour