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Workplace Improvements and Safety Services

Helping companies with their handling and safety challenges through custom manufacturing, product sourcing and bulk buys.

Do you have a workplace safety concern? Dexters can help with our industry-leading workplace safety services.

First of all, it is important to set out on any project with some clear goals on what you want to achieve, especially in terms of efficiency, operational procedures and processes, product requirements, and of course budget. We take the time to discuss these with you, and where necessary conduct a site visit to ensure we capture the full scope of the project at hand.

Learn more below about the workplace improvements we can provide.

Vehicle & Pedestrian Safety

Home safe, every day. That's our passion here at Dexters, and we help companies like yours with their physical barrier solutions to keep pedestrians and vehicle routes separated from one another both inside and outside buildings. We have a range of different barrier options to help manage traffic and pedestrians on your worksite.

DG & Chemical Storage

If you store dangerous goods or chemicals, you'll need to make sure it's stored correctly and safely. Our team can assist you with everything you need to store, handle and contain chemicals. Dexter’s offers the largest range of Hazardous Substance storage and containment solutions, from spill pallets and storage cabinets of all sizes right through to 4-hour fire-rated Type D cabinets. Browse our range of chemical storage options here.

Custom Manufacturing

With our in-house manufacturing facility, we can build custom-designed solutions that suit your distinct requirements. This is often the best return on investment and achieves the best possible efficiency. Taking everything into account, we will then come up with a few smart and creative solutions based on over 20 years in the industry. We then present these to you and tweak anything that needs adjusting until we both feel that we have a viable and practical solution to your problem.

Learn more about our custom manufacturing process here.

Bulk Buys

If you require a larger quantity of handling equipment, machinery, or safety products, we take the headache out of doing bulk buying. Our Special Projects team can assist you with all aspects of your project including:

- Special Pricing
- Time frame requirements
- Distribution and installation requirements
- Staff training and risk analysis resources

Get in touch with us today to talk about our bulk buying services.

Single Source

Whether you're looking to fit out a new warehouse or factory or looking to introduce a new operation into your business, Dexters can offer significant savings when you acquire all your handling and safety equipment in a single purchase.

We take the headache out of ensuring everything is delivered on time and on budget. We call it Single Source, Single Responsibility. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

Product Sourcing

Dexters has links with many renowned companies all over the world and can source bespoke equipment of all different kinds. We only partner with reliable, trusted, and renowned suppliers, and product quality is always a key factor when selecting suppliers.

The advantage of using Dexters is that we take the headache out of product quality and stand 100% behind the equipment. Contact us with any product requests you may have.

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