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Edition #13: Ways to Minimize your Environmental Impact

Can you look back and think of a time when the state of the environment wasn’t a topic on nearly everyone’s lips? It seems to this author, that apart...

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Edition #12: New Zealand Post International – A Case Study

It is hard not to know who New Zealand Post are, but for those who have been living in the mountains and have no clue, New Zealand Post has been...


Edition #11: Can 5S Work for You?

Have you heard of the Konmari method? Where you remove items that no longer bring you joy… And what about the workplace? It’s only commonsense to...


Edition #10: Warehouses and Factories. How to set up an Earthquake Emergency Plan; on Paper, Online, or using a Safety App

I am updating the Emergency plan for our business and we are all wondering about when an earthquake strikes and you have people working in a...

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Edition #9: Our New Year’s Resolution: We Want You Home Safe. Every Day.

End of year holidays are coming soon. We look forward to sunny days, rest,  relaxation, and fun. Whether your idea of fun is having a good sleep in,...

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Edition #8: Which Matting do I Need, Anti-Fatigue or Anti-Slip?

The short answer is that you might need both. Many workers suffer from pain and health problems caused by standing on hard floors. Workplace slips...


Edition #7: Lift & Shift. The Right Equipment for the Job

Heavy, too large, awkward to grasp or carry. Stretching up, bending down or twisting to work or lift, increases the risk of injury. That’s when...


Edition #6: Dangerous Goods – Explosive, Corrosive, Flammable and Poisonous. Manage Them Safely by Addressing These 3 Aspects

Beirut, August 4th 2020. Chemicals seized from a ship in 2014 because of their known danger and left to rot in a port warehouse. The inevitable...

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Edition #5: Traffic Management And Pedestrian Segregration

Mobile plant and pedestrians don’t (or shouldn’t) mix. A NZ company was sentenced in March for a fatality because ‘there should have been an enforced...

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Edition #4: 3 Cost-Effective Ways To Keep Your Workplace Warm In A New Zealand Winter

According to WorkSafe New Zealand, thermal comfort describes whether a person feels too hot, too cold, or just right. It’s often a challenge to keep...

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Edition #3: 2 Types Of Online Shopping + 18 Tips To Get Started Quickly

With the COVID-19 pandemic closing NZ storefronts, it’s a race to convert from brick-and-mortar selling to online sales. Could E-tail be the healthy...

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Edition #2: 16 Workplace Hazards And 3 Steps To Safety

With 75 workplace fatalities in NZ for 2019, it’s time to identify workplace hazards and minimise their risks. While the definition of hazard is ’a...


Edition #1: Summer- 4 Factors To Check For A Cooler Warehouse

How do I keep my warehouse cool?   Factor 1: Temperature The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) recommends a summer temperature...